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Sexual harassment in the workplace is not something you have to endure under state or federal law. The Oakland sexual harassment attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm has the resources, knowledge, and skills to fight back against your harassers. We take a personalized and empathetic approach to every case and will not hold back when pursuing the compensation an employer owes you.

If you hire us, there are no attorneys’ fees until you win your case. Get in touch with The Armstrong Law Firm for a Consultation by calling (510) 588-1415. Message us directly about your case here if you prefer.

The Armstrong Law Firm Protects Victims of Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment can manifest in various forms and come from multiple resources in the workplace. Sometimes, a joke is not “just a joke,” and touching someone else is never okay. If you think you are a victim of sexual harassment, speak with an Oakland sexual harassment attorney at our firm to investigate your situation and provide legal options for restitution.

The Armstrong Law Firm has represented victims of sexual harassment after they faced:

  • Inappropriate comments
  • Unwanted, unsolicited sexual advances
  • Sexual touching and groping
  • Gender-bias comments
  • Other forms of sexual harassment

These behaviors make men and women feel extremely uncomfortable in the workplace. That is why local, state, and federal laws make them illegal and, in many instances, criminal. Take the bravest step you may ever take by calling out your aggressor under the protection of an Oakland employment attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm.

Our Oakland Sexual Harassment Attorney Pursues Compensation Claims

Without legal advice, understanding your options after sexual harassment is usually confusing. However, you do have options when pursuing your legal rights to compensation. The Armstrong Law Firm will conduct an intake of your case at no cost, and if you choose to hire us, we will launch a full investigation into the facts and circumstances while preserving valuable case evidence.

Our legal team will help you navigate all legal issues and strategies related to:

  • Filing police reports
  • Making employee complaints
  • Pursuing union actions
  • Packaging EEOC claims
  • Litigating civil lawsuits

Where there is a legal solution to get you every penny owed, you can count on us to explore every facet. You do not owe us anything upfront for our resources and services and will only pay us if we win your sexual harassment case.

Compensation Is Available for Sexual Harassment Victims

The primary goal of a sexual harassment claim is to receive compensation for the harm you suffered. While money may not erase past memories and trauma, it will provide the resources needed to return to as normal a life as possible.

The Oakland sexual harassment attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm has recovered insurance settlements and civil awards on behalf of sexual harassment victims, including:

  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Court costs
  • Lost wages
  • Future lost wages
  • Punitive damages
  • Mental anguish damages
  • And more

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