Hooters employees allege sexual harassment

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Posted by Legal Team On March 13, 2016

Sexual harassment is an issue that is commonly discussed in modern society, especially as the question of gender equality in the workplace becomes more and more prominent. There are many laws, both federal and state, that provide for protections against sexual harassment in the workplace, but the overwhelming majority of the sexual harassment narrative is focused exclusively on women. Nearly every sexual harassment story that you hear mentions a woman who is alleging sexual misconduct on the part of a male co-worker, but this is not the only harassment.

One of the problems with only discussing sexual harassment in the workplace as it pertains to women is that it can give the impression that men are never victims of such harassment. Some men who are the victims of sexual harassment may feel that their claims are not valid, or that they somehow do not have the same rights as women. This is not the case.

In fact, a male pair of former Hooters employees are suing the company on claims of sexual harassment in Los Angeles, California. The allegations are incredibly severe, with one man claiming that he was thrown down in a parking lot by his supervisor and then subjected to simulated sexual motions. After reporting the harassment, one man claims that he was wrongfully terminated in retaliation.

There is no telling at the moment how this claim will turn out, but it is important to note that male employees can be victims of sexual harassment too. If you feel that you are being sexually harassed in your place of work, no matter what your gender, consider meeting with an attorney to learn how you can take advantage of your rights.

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