April 2018

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Posted by Legal Team On April 27, 2018

Bay Area restaurant get creative fighting sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace used to be a matter of course for thousands of female employees in earlier eras for American industry. Although it is no longer acceptable to treat women differently or deny any protected employee a fair share of work and compensation, instances of…

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Posted by Legal Team On April 26, 2018

New employee rights require new employer oversight

California’s state government tries to go above and beyond in supporting employee rights in all industries to keep the state attractive to companies and workers alike. While U.S. laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act laid the foundation for modern labor protections, the Golden State often goes…

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Posted by Legal Team On April 20, 2018

How does California fight workplace discrimination?

It is no accident or coincidence that California has the largest economy among U.S. states. The state government and businesses have worked hard to make opportunities in employment open to all groups and individuals equally. Some instances of employment discrimination, which can apply to either job applicants…

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Posted by Legal Team On April 12, 2018

Basketball coach settles wrongful termination lawsuit

It is no accident that California is one of the strongest and most diverse economies, in terms of output and participation. The state has led the way in welcoming workers and managers of all races, genders and backgrounds. Legislators and companies have worked together to make this…

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Disability discrimination lawsuit targets California business

Society has greatly improved its general approach to workers with disabilities. Injuries, illnesses and other limiting conditions are no longer an excuse to keep people out of the workforce or marginalize their position within it. Federal and California laws protect this principle. Disability discrimination in the workplace…

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