Basketball coach settles wrongful termination lawsuit

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Posted by Legal Team On April 12, 2018

It is no accident that California is one of the strongest and most diverse economies, in terms of output and participation. The state has led the way in welcoming workers and managers of all races, genders and backgrounds. Legislators and companies have worked together to make this the norm.

The expectation of safety and security in careers and workplaces relies on the ability to report violations. Whistleblowers who attract attention to inappropriate workplace policy or behavior may not be terminated, demoted or passed over for promotion because of reporting these issues.

The former women’s basketball coach of a California state university has settled a five-year dispute with her former employer. This comes after a jury verdict on the same claims awarded the plaintiff more than $3 million in damages.

The coach’s termination in 2013 was allegedly due to her complaints about an absence of gender equity in the college’s athletic departments. Although the defendant counterclaimed that she was fired for inappropriate personal interactions, her attorneys successfully argued the termination was a violation of whistleblower protections in California law.

“This settlement is a milestone in the fight for gender equity in women’s college athletics as well as a warning shot to university athletic departments across the country,” said a partner at the law firm representing the plaintiff.

Victims of wrongful termination and other workplace rights violations have the right to sue for financial damages, reinstatement and other forms of rectifying these issues. An attorney can help investigate the evidence for employment law violations, file the appropriate documents and help negotiating a settlement or push for a favorable jury verdict.

Source: KPBS, “Final Settlement Reached In Beth Burns Wrongful Termination Lawsuit,” April 06, 2018