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February 2014 Archives

California ADA lawsuits vastly outnumber those elsewhere

Disability is no laughing matter. Folks with disabilities must face challenges on a daily basis that those without disabilities cannot fathom. An act as necessary and simple as public restroom use can become a chore for some people if there are not reasonable accommodations. Fortunately for disabled people, there are rules and regulations established to protect their rights and make sure they are capable of performing the same acts that some of us take for granted. The Americans with Disabilities Act is one example of those regulations.

San Francisco tells employers: Ban the criminal history box

When a convicted criminal is released back into society and applies for a job, the dreaded question about criminal history often makes it difficult to get beyond the initial application form. Consciously or unconsciously, when an employer knows that a potential employee has a criminal record, the knowledge may introduce bias into the selection process early on.

California legal battle develops over workplace discrimination

All employees should be subject to equal and fair treatment in their workplace. It is an important human right to be treated in a just manner. Although there are laws that protect workers against workplace discrimination, some may not be fully covered by the laws currently in place.

Universities battle with campus sex assaults

Sexual harassment is a crime that is common, however, not freely spoken about. This is a problem that exists not only in the workplace, but other institutions as well. Most recently, academic institutions are trying to decrease the number of sex assaults on campus after the case of a university swimmer came to light. The student claimed she was raped and eventually committed suicide.