May 2015

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Ruby Tuesday settles sex discrimination lawsuit

Discrimination of any kind is illegal when it comes to employment, thanks in large part to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In addition to this federal agency, there are also state and federal laws that assist in preventing such workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, just because it…

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Posted by Legal Team On May 21, 2015

Sexual harassment claims are declining

When it comes to sexual harassment, nobody is immune. Sexual harassment can happen to anybody at any gender in any position of their life; sexual harassment does not discriminate based on race, gender or even sexual orientation. Fortunately for victims of sexual harassment, the law does not…

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Posted by Legal Team On May 15, 2015

I was fired for whistleblowing. Can I take legal action?

Whistleblowing has been much more prominent in the public mind in recent years, but the exact scope and meaning of it may still elude some people. Whistleblowing refers to an employee reporting illegal activities by their employer. Many times when an employee outs an employer in such…

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Legal aid in proving wrongful termination

You have probably heard about California’s at-will employment status, which grants employers the ability to fire employees whenever they see fit. What you may not know is that even though employers can fire their employees at any time and for almost any reason, they are prohibited from…

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