I was fired for whistleblowing. Can I take legal action?

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Posted by Legal Team On May 15, 2015

Whistleblowing has been much more prominent in the public mind in recent years, but the exact scope and meaning of it may still elude some people. Whistleblowing refers to an employee reporting illegal activities by their employer. Many times when an employee outs an employer in such a way, the employer seeks to take action in retribution for the exposure, but it is important for employees to remember that they are protected from retaliation for whistleblowing.

There are federal laws that provide these protections, but also state laws in California that are designed to ensure that employees do not suffer for whistleblowing, the punishment for which is often termination. Fortunately if you are fired due to whistleblowing, you can file a wrongful termination claim against your employer. This could see you compensated or even rehired.

Of course being fired is often a shocking and disheartening event, so you may be distraught and frightened in the aftermath. If you find yourself in a situation where you are fired for whistleblowing, remember that the law is on your side, and you have options. Still, the battle against wrongful termination is not one that you have to fight on your own. You can seek legal assistance.

Attorneys who specialize in employment law will be able to meet with you and discuss your circumstances to give you an idea of how strong your claim is. If you were truly wrongfully terminated in retaliation for whistleblowing, you could sue your employer and be compensated for any wages you lost due to being fired as well as other things. Consider meeting with an attorney and taking action to right the wrong that you suffered. You do not deserve to be punished for upholding the law.