November 2018

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Posted by Legal Team On November 30, 2018

How to handle comments about natural black hair at work

Your natural hair has absolutely nothing to do with your fitness for a particular position at work, but you’d be hard-pressed to prove that based on the reactions that a lot of corporations have to black hair. The natural hair movement has encouraged women of color to…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 23, 2018

Female-owned company accused of pregnancy discrimination

The Wonderful Company, which produces Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice and Wonderful pistachios, is co-owned by a self-made woman. However, the billionaire entrepreneur, once a struggling mother of two herself, is accused of being notoriously unfriendly to her pregnant employees. While the co-founder publicly espouses family-friendly policies and…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 16, 2018

Vivint Smart Home named in harassment suit

Some stories of workplace discrimination are hard to fathom. Four litigants — all men of color — have filed lawsuits in California alleging that they suffered a string of offensive events while working at a company owned by Vivint Solar, which is controlled by the same parent…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 9, 2018

Report: Racial discrimination creates a feedback loop

The impact of racial discrimination in the workplace is vast and continuous, despite legal protections. Even workers who do get hired find that it can be far harder to keep those jobs. Some have even gone so far as to say that African-American workers must be “twice…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 2, 2018

Employee perks for tech companies face challenges

San Francisco wants to end a much-touted perk that tech company employees have long been accustomed to enjoying: a free lunch. Many tech companies started their own in-house cafeterias to feed their employees. When many of the tech companies were located in far-flung suburbia, that was a…

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