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September 2014 Archives

When is termination wrongful in an 'at-will' employment state?

Nobody wants to be fired from their job, and people who are may feel that they were fired unjustly. Under certain conditions, unjustly fired individuals may be able to successfully claim wrongful termination on the part of their employers, which could lead to compensation and even getting the job back. However, in California, employers can fire their employees at any time, even if the termination seems unfair. But what is wrongful termination?

Tinder executive resigns after sexual harassment lawsuit

Sexual harassment is a serious offense that affects employees of all races and genders. Even if you think that nobody in your workplace is a victim of sexual harassment, that may not be the case since many victims do not report harassment for fear of being ignored or facing retaliation. Unfortunately, this fear is well-founded, as many companies would rather cut loose a lesser employee than lose one of their executives to a sexual harassment scandal. Still, if you can muster the courage to take advantage of your rights and report the harassment, you may find justice.

Pregnant employees are protected in California

It may surprise you to learn about all the different forms of discrimination against which employees are protected in California. A few months ago, we mentioned that California law protects employees with diabetes from discrimination, and now we turn the discussion to another form of workplace discrimination that many women may face: pregnancy. It may surprise you to learn that the law legally requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions.

We treat disability discrimination seriously

Some people might think that a disability discrimination claim will be a fairly simple, straight-forward case. In addition to federal guidelines put in place by the Americans with Disabilities Act, California also has its own law called FEHA, the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Between these two, the protections afforded to disabled employees and the ways in which they should be treated are quite clear, and any breach of that conduct should be easy to identify and pursue.