June 2015

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Posted by Legal Team On June 26, 2015

Exposure to pornography at work is sexual harassment

When most people think of sexual harassment at the workplace, they imagine a situation in which they are the victim of unwanted sexual advances (either physical or verbal) or bribed/blackmailed in a sexual way. While these examples certainly qualify as sexual harassment, and they are arguably the…

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California lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination

Those who do not follow the video game industry may not be aware that the industry is oftentimes a veritable bullseye for legal scrutiny. Most of the time, this legal action comes in the form of allegations that violent videogames promote violent behavior in youths, or in…

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Posted by Legal Team On June 12, 2015

Your rights regarding whistleblowing

Some employers feel that they can do whatever they want in an at-will state like California since the threat of termination is always present. But just because employers can fire their workers at any time, they cannot fire their workers for an illegal reason. One such illegal…

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Take advantage of your rights as a disabled employee

Just because someone has a disability does not mean that they cannot be productive, contributing members of society. There was a time that this was the prevalent opinion on disabled individuals, but that is no longer the case. Changes to state and federal law have made great…

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