May 2017

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Posted by Legal Team On May 26, 2017

Ex-Uber worker says he was fired for reporting sexual harassment

A man who used to work for Uber has said that sexual harassment eventually led to his being fired. However, the man himself was not the subject of the initial harassment. Instead, a male supervisor was allegedly harassing some of the women who worked in the office….

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Posted by Legal Team On May 19, 2017

Tech startup sued for alleged sexual harassment

A tech startup in San Fransisco fired a female employee, and she’s now suing and claiming she was subjected to sexual harassment. The company is called UploadVR, and they hired her to be their Director of Digital and Social Media in May of 2016. By March of…

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Has religious discrimination left your career uncertain?

Religion may play a significant role in your life. You may use your beliefs to guide you through everyday situations and the decisions you must make. Additionally, your religious practices may involve your needing to wear certain attire or participate in certain activities, such as prayer, during…

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Posted by Legal Team On May 12, 2017

250,000 workers are wrongfully terminated annually

Though specific statistics on wrongful termination can be hard to come by, experts do believe that around 250,000 people are wrongfully and illegally fired year in and year out. Of course, some of these illegal firings are not reported and some workers may not even realize their…

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Can you be fired immediately?

You’ve been looking for a job for a year. You finally land one after a terrific interview. Your first week on the job is a bit overwhelming, but you figure that things will get better as you get more experience. Then your boss calls you into the…

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