Ex-Uber worker says he was fired for reporting sexual harassment

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Posted by Legal Team On May 26, 2017

A man who used to work for Uber has said that sexual harassment eventually led to his being fired.

However, the man himself was not the subject of the initial harassment. Instead, a male supervisor was allegedly harassing some of the women who worked in the office. They came to the man for help, and he went to Human Resources on their behalf. They claim they were discriminated against and harassed based on their gender.

The man’s attempts to get human resources to step in were not successful, he says, and they just brushed him off. He even claims that they told him they got many calls that they ignored.

Eventually, the man says, the company put an end to his complaints and meetings with HR by simply firing him.

He is not the first person to work for Uber and claim that there was sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace. A female engineer who worked there said that she was lied to, that there was a hostile attitude in the HR department, and that they were indifferent to her case when she also complained about harassment and sexism.

Uber was contacted, but the company did not put out a public response to the man’s claims of wrongful termination.

This story shows that sexual harassment on the job can impact many employees at once. When a company culture allows it to continue and the company does not take proper action against those responsible, workers’ rights may be repeatedly violated. It’s then important for those workers to know what legal steps to take next.

Source: Reveal News, “Objecting to sexual harassment got me fired, says ex-Uber employee,” Will Evans, May 18, 2017