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December 2017 Archives

California-based company addresses sexual harassment

The last year has seen an increase in attention to sexual harassment in society as many industries and protected groups are finally addressing decades-old traditions of women being treated poorly with inappropriate behavior. Stories of sexual misconduct have rocked high-tech innovation, venture capitalism and even the state government in Sacramento.

Some face disproportionate issues of workplace discrimination

California has become the epicenter of progress made against workplace discrimination. From venture capital firms to the state government in Sacramento, women and members of racial minorities have been making their voices heard after they have experienced harmful and degrading behavior in the workplace.

California politician resigns after sexual harassment claims

The stability and prosperity of California over the last few decades has been fueled by a workforce that increases in number and diversity with every passing year. This expansion, however, has brought increased caution to avoid discrimination or harassment in the workplace that would harm individuals and society at large.

California city hit with workplace discrimination suit

All good managers and directors know that diversity is the cornerstone of success in modern workplaces, and California has at once one of the largest and most diverse workforces in the world. Cases of workplace discrimination still persist in several industries, however, including legislation and law enforcement.