California politician resigns after sexual harassment claims

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Posted by Legal Team On December 12, 2017

The stability and prosperity of California over the last few decades has been fueled by a workforce that increases in number and diversity with every passing year. This expansion, however, has brought increased caution to avoid discrimination or harassment in the workplace that would harm individuals and society at large.

Attention has been paid to discrimination in venture capitalism, high-tech innovation and many other industries that call the Golden State home. The state capital in Sacramento has also seen scrutiny, with many female staff members and lobbyists claiming a culture of sexual harassment in California’s legislature.

A state legislator recently resigned from his seat after allegations surfaced that he followed a female lobbyist into a bathroom and engaged in lewd sexual acts against her will. The former lawmaker refused to admit any wrongdoing, saying he was resigning simply to clear his own name.

The lobbyist who leveled the charges said the former legislator’s refusal to apologize makes her worry he will victimize other women and “he will abuse his power again.” A high-ranking member of the state assembly, however, said the resignation was “yet another sign that the culture is changing.”

Sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in the workplace is always unacceptable, and may be actionable either during or after a victim’s employment with a company or organization in which this behavior occurred.

An attorney may help victims of sexual, racial and other types of harassment define the specific incidents and patterns of inappropriate behavior they have experienced.

Source: CBS Sacramento, “California Assemblyman Resigning Over Sexual Harassment Allegations,” Shirin Rajaee, Dec. 08, 2017