December 2018

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Posted by Legal Team On December 28, 2018

Cameras are catching sexual harassers in the act

Let’s be perfectly clear: You can’t go around recording private conversations without permission, so don’t start trying to catch sexual harassment on film unless you’re completely sure it’s legal to record. That being said — you may not have to deliberately try to catch a harasser in…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 19, 2018

Is your employer just awful or acting illegally?

There’s a big difference between a bad boss and one that is acting illegally. It’s important to know the difference before you decide that you’re going to quit and sue. There’s no law that says an employer has to be a nice person or even treat his…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 14, 2018

Is there colorism in your workplace?

What exactly is “colorism” in the workplace? While racism is a topic that frequently hits the news, not much is said about colorism. Yet, colorism can be just as pervasive — and may affect darker-skinned people just as much — as racism. Colorism is discrimination based on…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 7, 2018

What to do about sexual harassment in the Bay Area workplace

You sense an uncomfortableness in the workplace, but you think you’re just being paranoid. Or, maybe, it’s just what you think it is. You’re being sexually harassed on the job. Sexual harassment isn’t always obvious but there are telltale signs to watch for. If you’re a victim,…

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