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February 2017 Archives

How Your Employee Rights Can Be Violated As a Federal Worker

Despite being hired to a lucrative firm, employees still need to exercise caution on their fundamental rights, lest their ever demanding bosses infringe them. As an employee, you are entitled to basic rights such as the right to free speech and association irrespective of the consensus currently enforced. The fundamental right to free speech is firmly embedded in the American DNA as a prerequisite to democracy. Nevertheless, such an essential right can limit your communication with the public, especially for federal workers.

Basics of filing a disability access claim under the ADA, Part 1

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the preeminent law that guarantees individual rights for Americans with disabilities. The ADA was the first of its kind, and it is now duplicated across the world. The ADA prescribes a variety of positive and negative rights. For instance, businesses must do their best to accommodate customers and workers with disabilities (within reason). Additionally, companies cannot discriminate against Americans with disabilities for positions in which they could do their job with some minor accommodations.

Do federal workers have free speech rights?

The right to free speech seems ingrained in the American DNA. But, it is not an absolute right, there are plenty of limits for the good of the public, to protect secrets, to stop libel and slander, and to ensure that employees don't abuse their position in a company or organization. The right to free speech is heavily curbed when you are on another person's time (i.e. when you are working). This means that there is a certain honor system between employers and employees and when there is an employee or boss who violates that honor system, relations can break down.

Why a Wrongful Termination Petition Should Not Stress You

You finally landed your dream job after years of painstakingly searching for one. With such a post, you dedicate adequate time and other resources to ensure that every task is completed with satisfaction. Making a lasting impression on the minds of bosses serves as a constant reminder of what needs to be done. For the first few months or years, the work transition has successfully transitioned into a smooth sailing. It appears nothing could go wrong.