How Your Employee Rights Can Be Violated As a Federal Worker

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Posted by Legal Team On February 27, 2017

Despite being hired to a lucrative firm, employees still need to exercise caution on their fundamental rights, lest their ever demanding bosses infringe them. As an employee, you are entitled to basic rights such as the right to free speech and association irrespective of the consensus currently enforced. The fundamental right to free speech is firmly embedded in the American DNA as a prerequisite to democracy. Nevertheless, such an essential right can limit your communication with the public, especially for federal workers.

Such limitations are primarily enforced with the sole purpose of protecting State secrets, curb slander and libel charges as well as ensuring that employees don?t abuse their position in any way. Such employee rights, controversial as they might be, only act as formal communication restrictions while executing office duties. This means employees and their bosses need to comply with set regulations for the betterment of all parties. Any violation whatsoever can adversely affect office relations.

Despite America?s reputation as the pinnacle of democracy, the Trump administration finds itself in a tricky situation aggravated by various forms of employee rights violation. Such a sensitive topic comes in the wake of several steps taken with the sole intention of control employees? speech while working at the White House. Such an infringement is a direct violation of the Constitutional right to speech, and workers can sue for wrongful termination in case they are fired for making the wrong comments.

As a worker, you are not allowed to freely communicate while working as a safety precaution against defamation charges. This means you can only express your opinions while in the comfort of your home. Moreover, such comments must be expressed as personal opinions.