Refusing a job offer and still collecting unemployment benefits

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Posted by Legal Team On December 20, 2016

Unemployment benefits may be collected by an individual after refusing a specific job offer. The reason for refusal though plays an important role in determining whether you will still receive benefits. Jobs that are considered unsuitable for you can be rejected knowing that the benefits will stay intact.

Determining what jobs are unsuitable is complicated, and this is something that you might need legal help with. Jobs that are too physically challenging or ones that pay too little could be considered to be unsuitable. If a certain industry has become saturated and no more jobs are being created, workers could start training for another job while collecting unemployment benefits. However, jobs that are only slightly below your expectation might not be unsuitable in the eyes of the law, and you could lose unemployment benefits for refusing them.

Unemployment benefits are handled by the state, and these matters are governed by every state’s labor agency. Several factors are considered before the labor agency decides whether or not an individual should be stripped of the benefits because they refused a job. Workers that have no experience in a new industry can continue to collect unemployment benefits. The type of work and working conditions also play an important role in this decision. If the job that was refused provided worse working conditions, benefits may still be collected. Furthermore, unreasonable working hours and significantly low wages are also valid reasons to refuse a job offer.

If you are receiving unemployment benefits and have been offered an unsuitable job, it is advisable to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney before refusing it. The attorney will be able to elaborate whether refusing the job could lead to revocation of your benefits.