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April 2015 Archives

Man denied employment due to disability

It is one thing to recognize and take action against disability discrimination in the workplace when you are actually in the workplace, but it is something else entirely when you are hoping to get into the workplace. Thanks to the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, it is illegal for employers to refuse to hire someone simply based on a disability. Unfortunately, people are refused employment all the time for many valid reasons, such as being less qualified than other candidates; it can be difficult to prove that you were not hired due to a disability.

What can I do if I'm being sexually harassed at work?

If you are sexually harassed at your place of work, you may feel as though you have no choice but to accept it. Especially depending on your position in the workplace and the position of your harasser, you may be worried that taking action against your harasser will only result in you being fired or reprimanded. The truth is that you do not have to tolerate sexual harassment at all. Not only are there federal laws on your side, but there are Californian laws on your side as well.

You can prevent and avoid discrimination at work

We often talk about the protections afforded to California employees thanks to the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). These protections are critical options for many employees because they prevent discrimination and wrongful termination in the work place. Thanks to the FEHA, California employees are protected from discrimination based on their age, race, gender, religions and many other traits. However, just because you are protected from discrimination does not mean that you don't have to worry about it.

Religious discrimination can be exempted, according to ruling

The line between employment termination that is unlawful and employment termination that is unfair is extremely thin. Thanks to a recent ruling in California, that line may have just become even thinner. Religious discrimination is illegal in California, yet two teachers were seemingly wrongfully terminated for just such a reason, and when they filed a lawsuit, the courts sided in favor of the school. It comes down to a conflict of legal rights and protections, and the complexities are quite fascinating.

Employee rights you may not know about

Many employees are aware of the protections that they are afforded under the law?protection from sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination?but there are many rights you have as an employee that you may not know about. For example, did you know that you can see your personnel file? As a private employee, even a former private employee, you can inspect your file to see what information it contains.