You can prevent and avoid discrimination at work

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Posted by Legal Team On April 17, 2015

We often talk about the protections afforded to California employees thanks to the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). These protections are critical options for many employees because they prevent discrimination and wrongful termination in the work place. Thanks to the FEHA, California employees are protected from discrimination based on their age, race, gender, religions and many other traits. However, just because you are protected from discrimination does not mean that you don’t have to worry about it.

The unfortunate truth about the discrimination protections afforded by the FEHA is that they are less like armor and more like a shield. Instead of protecting you from any wrongdoing that happens to come your way, you have some responsibility to make use of the protections to defend yourself from such attacks. If you do not alert the authorities to the discrimination you face, you may be suffering from such mistreatment for a very long time.

At the Armstrong law firm, we put your rights as an employee first to help maintain the award-winning customer satisfaction on which the San Francisco Bay Area prides itself. If you feel that you are facing discrimination at your place of work for any reason, we can help you make a strong case against your employer.

If you can prove that you have been facing discrimination at work, you could be entitled to monetary compensation for any anguish your mistreatment has caused. You may also be eligible for extra benefits, such as pay raises for promotions that were denied you. It can be frightening to speak out against your employer, but that is why we offer free consultations for prospective clients who wish to know more about employment law and their place in it. Visit our webpage for more information about how we can help you.