January 2020

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Posted by Legal Team On January 29, 2020

What form does workplace discrimination take?

Workplace discrimination can affect you at all stages of your employment — even though discrimination due to numerous factors, like your race, religion, national origin or gender, is illegal under both federal and state laws. You may know that workplace discrimination is against the law, but do…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 24, 2020

California begins tracking sexual harassment claims

One of the reasons that sexual harassers thrive in the workplace is that there’s never been any particular effort to track them. Indeed, since many employers are reluctant to admit that sexual harassment occurred behind their doors, many harassers can quietly move on to other positions in…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 14, 2020

Is job discrimination against African Americans still a problem?

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination remains a huge problem for African Americans and other minorities in America. The state of California is no exception, with many struggling to find good jobs that pay fair wages to African Americans and other residents alike. To show you just how relevant African…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 9, 2020

California restaurant worker wins discrimination claim

Pregnancy can be an exciting time. However, that excitement can be diminished significantly if your employer uses your pregnancy as an excuse to discriminate, make your life miserable and force you out of your job. Unfortunately, many women in the service industry face pregnancy discrimination. Often, they’re…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 3, 2020

California law ending forced arbitration put on hold

As of Jan. 1, 2020, California was set to ban forced arbitration in employment contracts — a move that was designed to keep sexual harassment victims from being forced to settle and stay silent after being abused. Critics have long said that forced arbitration clauses can end…

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