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January 2020 Archives

California begins tracking sexual harassment claims

One of the reasons that sexual harassers thrive in the workplace is that there's never been any particular effort to track them. Indeed, since many employers are reluctant to admit that sexual harassment occurred behind their doors, many harassers can quietly move on to other positions in other companies -- where new potential victims await.

Is job discrimination against African Americans still a problem?

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination remains a huge problem for African Americans and other minorities in America. The state of California is no exception, with many struggling to find good jobs that pay fair wages to African Americans and other residents alike.

California law ending forced arbitration put on hold

As of Jan. 1, 2020, California was set to ban forced arbitration in employment contracts -- a move that was designed to keep sexual harassment victims from being forced to settle and stay silent after being abused. Critics have long said that forced arbitration clauses can end up punishing the victims for fighting back. They also tend to protect the sexual harasser since a company can often settle a claim quickly and quietly -- without any risk to its reputation.