Is job discrimination against African Americans still a problem?

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Posted by Legal Team On January 14, 2020

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination remains a huge problem for African Americans and other minorities in America. The state of California is no exception, with many struggling to find good jobs that pay fair wages to African Americans and other residents alike.

To show you just how relevant African American workplace discrimination still is in the 21st century, look at the following statistics provided by the Center for American progress.

Although the overall employment rate has fallen across the nation, black Americans still suffer a higher rate of unemployment than white workers experience.

Interestingly, the report indicates that the wealth gap between white workers and black workers has grown wider since the Great Depression despite improvements in the labor market. This may occur because of continued workplace discrimination against this segment of the nation’s population.

African American women face even more hardships in the country’s labor market. It remains difficult for black women to find jobs and when they do, they earn significantly less income than white workers earn.

According to the report, workplace discrimination is a large factor in how much income black workers earn. Compared to their white counterparts, African Americans on average earn several hundred dollars less every week.

An effective way for African Americans and other minorities to stand against workplace discrimination is to consider taking legal action. When employers finally understand that these wrongful workplace behaviors will no longer be tolerated, they will have little choice but to change the way they do business. An attorney with a background helping victims of discrimination in the workplace can help.