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March 2017 Archives

Sheriff awarded $650,000 for wrongful termination

California's "at will" employment stance means that employers can fire employees at any time they please and for any reason that isn't considered unlawful. This is an important distinction to make; being fired for an unfair reason is different than being fired for an unlawful reason. You may find your firing unfair, but if it wasn't illegal, you won't be able to mount much of a case.

Spotting and stopping sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a difficult topic to unpack. It involves complex social interactions that are hard to parse after-the-fact. In fact, it isn't even always readily apparent whensexually harassing conduct takes place. This post will go over six tips to help you identify when sexual harassment occurs and what you can do.

How Your Employee Rights Can Be Violated As a Federal Worker

Despite being hired to a lucrative firm, employees still need to exercise caution on their fundamental rights, lest their ever demanding bosses infringe them. As an employee, you are entitled to basic rights such as the right to free speech and association irrespective of the consensus currently enforced. The fundamental right to free speech is firmly embedded in the American DNA as a prerequisite to democracy. Nevertheless, such an essential right can limit your communication with the public, especially for federal workers.

Overview of San Francisco "Retail Workers' Bill of Rights"

In 2015, a series of ordinances became operative in San Francisco. The ordinances address hours and retention of employees, and scheduling and fair treatment of retail workers. Together, the ordinances are known as the Retail Workers' Bill of Rights. The new laws apply to all chain stores with at least 40 other stores worldwide and 20 or more employees in San Francisco, including janitorial and security contractors. Thus, it exempts mom-and-pop shops but should cover most major retailers in San Francisco.