March 2017

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Posted by Legal Team On March 31, 2017

Jury says San Francisco has to pay $2 million to fired worker

In 2014, the then Chief Trial Deputy in San Fransisco was fired. She says that she’d been investigating potential fraud and was fired as a retaliation, which is illegal. She filed a wrongful termination lawsuit. A jury just sided with her, saying that the city of San…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 24, 2017

Key rights for expecting mothers at work

Woman who are expecting children can’t be discriminated against under U.S. law. That’s been true for decades, as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act went through in 1978. Below are a few key rights a woman has in the workplace: 1. The right to keep her job. She can’t…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 19, 2017

Sheriff awarded $650,000 for wrongful termination

California’s “at will” employment stance means that employers can fire employees at any time they please and for any reason that isn’t considered unlawful. This is an important distinction to make; being fired for an unfair reason is different than being fired for an unlawful reason. You…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 17, 2017

Making it clear that advances are unwelcome

Experts note that one of the key factors in a sexual harassment case is whether or not the conduct is welcome. The same act can be both legal and illegal, depending on the circumstances. This has to be true because of co-worker relationships. If you’re dating a…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 16, 2017

How Your Employee Rights Can Be Violated As a Federal Worker

Despite being hired to a lucrative firm, employees still need to exercise caution on their fundamental rights, lest their ever demanding bosses infringe them. As an employee, you are entitled to basic rights such as the right to free speech and association irrespective of the consensus currently…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 16, 2017

Spotting and stopping sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a difficult topic to unpack. It involves complex social interactions that are hard to parse after-the-fact. In fact, it isn’t even always readily apparent whensexually harassing conduct takes place. This post will go over six tips to help you identify when sexual harassment occurs…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 15, 2017

Overview of San Francisco “Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights”

In 2015, a series of ordinances became operative in San Francisco. The ordinances address hours and retention of employees, and scheduling and fair treatment of retail workers. Together, the ordinances are known as the Retail Workers’ Bill of Rights. The new laws apply to all chain stores…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 10, 2017

Were you wrongfully fired after taking a stand?

In the workplace, your boss may expect you to always do as you’re told, following instructions and letting him or her lead the company. Most of the time, you do exactly that. But then something happens that makes you realize it’s time to take a stand. Maybe…

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