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January 2014 Archives

Public official sues school system for wrongful termination

A current county treasurer filed two lawsuits against her former employer claiming that she suffered wrongful termination as a public school food service director. The woman claimed that slander was the cause of her termination. Specifically she is claiming that the owner of a small business she dealt with slandered her maliciously by spreading harmful untruths about her in an attempt to damage her career. She is seeking an award of damages brought about by the company owner. The owner denies the claim and states that the only time he spoke of the former director’s work was when there were inconsistencies in payment receipts during their business engagements.

Blind student engages school in disability discrimination suit

Facing disability discrimination at your school or job is something no one should have to experience. The Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Employment and Housing Act are laws that protect people from unjust discrimination. Employees who live with a disability must know their rights in order to protect their livelihood from being infringed upon.

Politician resigns after several sexual harassment claims

No one deserves a hostile working environment. Unfortunately many cases of sexual advances, lewd comments, innuendo and sexually explicit materials in the workplace go unreported because victims of harassment fear termination and demotion. This is a scary feeling and can seriously impair your work, life and health. It is important to know, however, that if your employer will not protect you, you can take legal action.

San Francisco increases employee rights in 2014

What will the New Year bring in San Francisco? By way of employee rights protection, more support for employees who also double as caregivers outside of the office. A new ordinance applies specifically to an employee who has an obligation to assist with the care of a domestic partner or spouse, a child, a grandchild, a sibling or a parent.