Politician resigns after several sexual harassment claims

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Posted by Legal Team On January 16, 2014

No one deserves a hostile working environment. Unfortunately many cases of sexual advances, lewd comments, innuendo and sexually explicit materials in the workplace go unreported because victims of harassment fear termination and demotion. This is a scary feeling and can seriously impair your work, life and health. It is important to know, however, that if your employer will not protect you, you can take legal action.

A New York assemblyman recently made an announcement that he is resigning from the state Legislature. His decision comes after several claims of sexual harassment in the workplace were leveled against him. The politician said that these claims were having a negative effect at work and on his family and has denied all allegations of making unwanted sexual advances.

Some of the claims against the politician were that he attempted to kiss one of his female employees, asked members of the female staff to dress up as sexy elves for a Christmas photo, and asking them to go with him to strip clubs.

Although the assemblyman is a former member of New York state government, residents of California are aware that sexual harassment exists in every state. Sexual harassment can cause anxiety and a sense of hopelessness for the victim. The company employing the harasser can also be held liable in certain circumstances. People should not let sexual harassment intimidate them. They should first report the offense to their employer, and if that does not resolve the issue, they should seek help from an attorney.


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