August 2017

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Posted by Legal Team On August 24, 2017

New bill targets sexual harassment in venture capital

Sexual harassment is a major problem in many industries, and the consequences are far broader than workplace politics. Inappropriate speech and behavior reduces participation in the workforce, erodes faith in protective laws and slows innovation. Fewer economies can appreciate the value of harassment-free workplaces as much as…

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Posted by Legal Team On August 18, 2017

Lawsuit alleges workplace discrimination in prison

Workers in every work environment can be subject to stress and interpersonal issues that can compromise their ability to work. It is the apparent dangers to safety that are the clearest problems requiring legal recourse, for the sake of the suing employee or former employee as well…

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Posted by Legal Team On August 14, 2017

4 questions you may have about religious discrimination

Practicing a religion can make many people feel comfort and connection to something greater than themselves. You may attend religious services or have practices that you carry out throughout your day that adhere to your beliefs. If you have particularly open practices, you may fear the potential…

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Posted by Legal Team On August 9, 2017

New hires in California receive anti-abuse guidelines

There are few events in life that require more rest and rebuilding than an instance of abuse or violence. Victims of dangerous behavior or discrimination, at home or in employment, have a right to an accepting workplace where laws are observed for the safety of its workers….

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Posted by Legal Team On August 3, 2017

Lawsuit alleges wrongful termination after workplace abuse report

Californians in all industries and types of employment rely on labor laws to ensure their safe and productive workplaces. These laws range from sexual harassment protections to restrictions on construction equipment, and they are far more powerful when workers feel they can report violations on the premises….

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