Why a Wrongful Termination Petition Should Not Stress You

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Posted by Legal Team On February 13, 2017

You finally landed your dream job after years of painstakingly searching for one. With such a post, you dedicate adequate time and other resources to ensure that every task is completed with satisfaction. Making a lasting impression on the minds of bosses serves as a constant reminder of what needs to be done. For the first few months or years, the work transition has successfully transitioned into a smooth sailing. It appears nothing could go wrong.

Despite the constant dedication and expertise you have exuded, your bosses seem to neglect you and offer promotions to your less performing colleagues. Upon inquiry with your employer, you are reprimanded or in the worst case scenario, fired for failing to stick to your lane. Not only does wrongful termination affect you psychologically but it also jolts panic as to your next course of action.

Women on the other hand face various challenges at their workplace. Not only are they questioned on their competency but they also face sexual harassment from their employers. Upon declining such unethical requests, they are subjected to overtime work and delayed payment in an attempt to woo them. As a victimized employee, you are entitled to fair treatment similar to your fellow colleagues. Additionally, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 stipulates that employees who possess the same skill set and are tasked with the same responsibility should be paid equally irrespective of their gender, or religion.

If you have been wrongfully fired, you must not lose hope and wallow in despair. There’s still a good chance you will get your job back. Wrongful termination holds no weight in court, and a Judge will ultimately rule in your favor. If you are facing wrongful termination, seek the legal aid of a San Francisco Employment attorney.