Has religious discrimination left your career uncertain?

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Religion may play a significant role in your life. You may use your beliefs to guide you through everyday situations and the decisions you must make. Additionally, your religious practices may involve your needing to wear certain attire or participate in certain activities, such as prayer, during specific times of the day. If your religious views differ from many of the individuals around you, you may sometimes fear how those other parties will treat you.

These fears may seem particularly prominent while at your place of employment. However, employers and co-workers should not treat you in a negative manner simply because you have different religious beliefs. Unfortunately, you may feel as if those individuals have subjected you to religious discrimination.


One form religious discrimination can take involves harassing actions. If co-workers, supervisors or other individuals with whom you work frequently make offensive comments to you about your religion or religious practices, those actions may constitute harassment. However, the actions must occur often enough that it creates a hostile environment in order for the situation to fall under illegal discrimination.

Work-related aspects

Even if you do not face direct hostile actions in the form of offensive comments or language, other situations could reflect discrimination. If your employer or supervisor passes you over for promotions for no valid reason and someone less qualified receives the promotion, you may feel that your religion contributed to the decision. Other similar situations could include lack of pay raises, unfavorable work hours or assignments, fewer benefits or even losing your job entirely.

If your job involves customer interaction but you find yourself kept away from customers, you may suspect that your employer has illegally segregated you. This action can occur if an employer fears that customers will have a negative reaction to your assistance simply due to your religion.


If your religion requires certain accommodations in the workplace, your employer must provide those accommodations as long as they do not cause any substantial burden on business operations. For instance, if you need flexible work hours or exemption from certain work-related practices, your employer should make effort to see to your needs. If your need for minor religious accommodations is ignored or scorned, you may need to take further action.

Addressing issues

Problems with religious discrimination in the workplace can lead you to feel a myriad of negative emotions. Additionally, your career could suffer for no other reason than someone treating you unfairly. Therefore, you may wish to consult with an experienced California attorney who could help you address issues of discrimination.