You may be facing disability discrimination

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In many cases, disability discrimination is very easy to recognize. Perhaps the most common example of obvious disability discrimination is when an employer refuses to provide reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee, or when employment is denied to a disabled person because the employer does not wish to make such accommodations. However, not all disability discrimination is quite as clear.

Simply because a company does not discriminate against you all of the time does not mean they are not discriminating against you some of the time. For example, your employer may have made all of the necessary accommodations to allow you to work, and you may feel as though you are facing no discrimination. But if you begin to notice that other workers who are not disabled tend to get more hours than you or are paid higher or are even offered more work or promotions, it may have something to do with your disability.

Some people view accommodations for disabled workers as a one-time issue. They provide ample handicapped parking spaces, ramps for those who are in wheelchairs and make any other necessary changes. But it does not stop there. It is a daily concern that requires diligence; disabled employees deserve to be treated the same way as other employees at all times.

Consider your employment circumstances carefully. Were you passed over for promotion by a less qualified or less experienced applicant? It may have been a form of disability discrimination. If you believe that you are facing discrimination in the workplace based on a disability, please visit our web page. We can help you stop discrimination and have the fulfillment in your job that you deserve.