Gay man fired after suffering alleged workplace discrimination

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It’s no secret that many work places are ruled by heterosexual males. While this in no way indicates that heterosexual males are prone to unfair treatment of others, in some cases personal bias can become an issue causing wrongful termination. Certain employers may be uncomfortable around individuals who are different from them in terms of race, gender or sexual orientation. When those in power abuse their authority, innocent people can be harmed.

An openly gay man is suing yacht race operators for America’s Cup for wrongful termination due to what he claims was workplace discrimination based on his sexual orientation. The complaint was filed in March in San Francisco Superior Court. The former America’s Cup employee claims that once his position captaining boats for spectators ended with the conclusion of the race, he requested a job helping with the breakdown of the regatta. America’s Cup Race Management chief operating officer allegedly made a “limp-wrist” gesture, stating that “people like you don’t want work like that.” Later, one of the directors for America’s Cup reportedly directed a derogatory term at the man, who is openly gay.

The filing states that the gay man was terminated without cause. Among several complaints the fired employee has filed are lack of wage payment upon discharge, failure to pay overtime and sexual orientation discrimination.

Ultimately, what seems to be at the epicenter of this case is a gay man who may have been discriminated against for simply being himself. No person should be treated with disregard or a disrespect while doing a job. If you believe workplace discrimination has led to your wrongful termination, you may be entitled to compensation.

Source: Edge on the Net, “Gay Man Sues America’s Cup,” Seth Hemmelgarn, April 5, 2014