Employers cannot discriminate on the basis of pregnancy

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Learning you are going to have a baby is a very emotional experience. Typically, there is a sense of profound joy and expectation. But there can also be worries. After all, you want your baby to come into the world healthy and you want to be prepared to take on the responsibilities of motherhood.

And these days, the responsibilities of motherhood often include going to work to pay for household needs. And since you will have another family member to feed, clothe and care for, it is more important than ever that you have a steady income. The last thing you need is to have your job fall into jeopardy.

As such, it is critical that your employer respects your pregnancy and follows all of the guidelines contained in the California Family Rights Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. An employer is strictly forbidden from using a woman’s pregnancy as the basis for unfair or discriminatory treatment. Both of these acts contain stipulations that can help ensure that you are not unfairly burdened with unnecessary workplace hardships as you are carrying your child.

The Armstrong Law Firm is empathetic to those whose lives have been made difficult due to the discriminatory acts of employers. If you believe that your pregnancy played a role in your employer’s decision to remove you from your duties, terminate your employment or treat you in other discriminatory ways, we are at the ready to discuss your case. We understand how to fight for your rights and protections. Please refer to our page about pregnancy discrimination to learn more about how we can serve your legal needs.