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It is common knowledge that employers must make reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals so that the disabled workers can still perform the functions of their job. Unfortunately, reasonable accommodation is a rather vague term, and what exactly constitutes reasonable accommodation may differ among employers. Disability discrimination is illegal thanks to both the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. However, if your employer believes that your accommodation needs are unreasonable, it can be difficult to prove that you are being discriminated against.

Making reasonable accommodation for disabled employees can sometimes be expensive for employers. For example, if they have to clear space and pay to have wheelchair access put in certain places or create additional handicapped parking, they may choose not to hire you to avoid those extra costs. Lucky for you, this kind of behavior is illegal in California. You could be compensated for this discrimination.

Of course employers may not always realize the extent to which they must accommodate your disability. Sometimes disabled employees are hired, and only after employers realize all the changes they will have to make do they decide that they would rather not employee a disabled individual. This can lead to disabled individuals being fired simply because of their condition.

If you have been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against based on your disability, consider meeting with an attorney who has experience with employment law. A successful lawsuit cannot only see you compensated for your mistreatment, but you may even be able to get your job back if you still want it. Visit our disability discrimination webpage to learn more about how we can help you be compensated for unlawful discrimination.