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Posted by Legal Team On January 3, 2016

There is a perception that handicapped individuals wish to be treated differently, that they expect others to acknowledge their handicap and pamper them out of pity. While there may be a few handicapped individuals for whom this is the case, many disabled individuals would be much happier if everyone ignored their handicap and treated them the same way as everyone else. This is true in the workforce as well, where disabled workers want just as much as everyone else to be productive members of their team.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of some disabilities, it is not possible for a handicapped person to do what everyone else can. This does not mean that they cannot perform the essential functions of a job, but that employers must provide a bit of assistance in order to facilitate the work. This is often as simple as constructing a ramp so that a person in a wheelchair can maneuver around the workplace more efficiently.

Because some handicapped individuals require such accommodation, some employers attempt to avoid otherwise perfectly qualified candidates because they do not want to have to make the accommodations. Fortunately for handicapped workers, the law is very clear about the extent to which employers must accommodate their employees.

As a result, choosing not to hire someone simply because they have a disability that would require accommodation is illegal in California. If you can prove that you were discriminated against based on your disability, you could be entitled to compensation for lost wages and other damages. It can sometimes be difficult to prove that you were not hired due to discrimination based on your disability, which is why victims of such discrimination should visit our webpage. There you can learn more about how we can help you prove your case.