What Types of Retaliation am I Protected from In California?

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Posted by Legal Team On August 30, 2023

Employer retaliation is a very real and worrisome situation. If your employer is engaging in an activity that is not fair, you have the right to say something. Yet, you may be unsure what that could mean for your job and future references.

At The Armstrong Law Firm, we work closely with clients facing retaliation that turned into wrongful termination. If you have any questions about your rights in this area, do not wait to contact us. We will work to advise you on what to do right away.

Employer Retaliation in California

California law makes it clear that employers cannot retaliate against employees in various situations. Employees cannot suffer consequences, for example, from protected activities. That could include a wide range of actions such as:

  • Filing a discrimination lawsuit against the employer
  • Reporting illegal activity or conduct
  • Filing a claim for wage abuse
  • Reporting the company for fraud
  • Filing a claim for sexual harassment
  • Seeking support for safety compliance limitations

Employers are not allowed to retaliate in these cases, but what does that mean? What actions can an employer take, and what cannot they not?

  • Employers cannot fire a worker for these types of activities.
  • Employers cannot verbally abuse or “yell” at the employee for filing such a claim.
  •  Employers cannot increase the workload as a way of punishing the employee for making such a claim.
  • Your boss cannot levy unfair punishment against you, such as a demerit or a negative employment review, simply due to the actions taken.
  • Employers cannot force time off or deny time off that would otherwise be approved.
  • You cannot be threatened in any way for taking any step that is protected.

If your employer says that you are not welcome at a company picnic because you filed a claim due to discrimination, that is something to allow our legal team to help you with right now. Remember, your rights are protected under the state’s laws, but you have to use your voice to get the legal support needed.

Are You Unsure What Your Rights Are?

Many people believe that taking any action against their employer means they will lose their job. In some situations, that does happen, but it does not mean it is legal. Our employment attorneys will work closely with you to ensure that your rights remain protected through this situation.

If you have already faced retaliation, step back and contact an attorney. Avoid making statements over social media or engaging with the employer or other employees. You do not want to do anything that could further put your case at risk.

Instead, put us to work for you. We encourage you to report your employer, government agency, nonprofit organization, or any other party that puts your rights as an employee at risk.

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