California discrimination lawsuit alleges widespread racism

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Posted by Legal Team On February 16, 2018

Discrimination has a regrettably long history in American workplaces, but the restrictions of the practice have been falling for decades. Business owners and operators in California know that it is vital for employees and work environments to leave issues of race, gender and other personal attributes off the worksite.

Lawmakers in the Golden State are considering restrictions on secret workplace settlements in response to allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. This is because addressing inappropriate behavior in the workplace is of public concern and challenging it is important to forward public expectations.

More than a dozen former employees of a California produce giant are suing the company for widespread practices of racism and discrimination, from offensive language to reduced opportunities. The suit describes a workplace where employees could not expect relief from bad behavior and were often retaliating against after raising concerns.

The lawsuit names 16 former employees of African descent who faced racial epithets from multiple people in the workplace. Most also described bad work conditions due to their personal background and a refusal by management to promote members of racial minorities.

The company was previously sued for unrelated issues, including general poor working conditions and insufficient benefits for temporary workers. “We hope to change how this company treats its employees,” according to an attorney involved in this suit.

Legal representation can help victims of workplace discrimination assemble a lawsuit against an employer or former employer to end poor conditions or receive compensation for conditions already suffered. A lawsuit against discrimination may help rectify a personal career issue as well as a social injustice.

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