Wrongful termination lawsuit involves California hospital

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Posted by Legal Team On February 7, 2018

Workers and managers need security to do their jobs properly, and freedom from retaliation in the workplace is one of the great drivers of California’s economy. When someone sees a problem that can cause damage or injury, he or she must feel free to report it without concern for losing his or her job.

The former chief nursing officer of a psychiatric facility in northern California is suing her former employer for wrongful termination. The suit alleges the executive reported dangerous conditions internally and to regulatory agencies, leading to her illegal dismissal.

The hospital reportedly suffered from budgetary reductions and staff shortages that reduced safety for staff and patients alike. The resultant injuries were a predictable result of these problems, according to the former chief nursing officer, and instances of self-injury and sexual violence occurred among the patients.

The executive’s attempts to limit patient intake and assign appropriate staff were resisted by corporate leadership, according to the suit. She filed a complaint with the California Department of Public Health, after which she was promptly fired without warning. The state agency conducted an investigation that validated the greatest of her concerns.

The lawsuit accuses the corporation running the facility of wrongful termination and other violations of the California Labor Code and the California Health and Safety Code. The former executive seeks trial by jury for economic damages and punitive damages related to the dismissal, as well as legal fees for the lawsuit.

An attorney may increase the chances of success when a wrongful termination lawsuit is necessary. The right lawyer can sort out the evidence of poor treatment and help estimate appropriate claims for damages.

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