Race Discrimination

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Posted by 1p21.admin On November 9, 2018

Report: Racial discrimination creates a feedback loop

The impact of racial discrimination in the workplace is vast and continuous, despite legal protections. Even workers who do get hired find that it can be far harder to keep those jobs. Some have even gone so far as to say that African-American workers must be “twice…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On October 29, 2018

Behavior Outside The Workplace May Play A Role In Discrimination Cases

Some days it seems like people know just enough to avoid serious consequences. Discrimination and harassment may be subtle enough inside the workplace to make it difficult to prove. It’s real, and it’s creating a hostile work environment, but collecting enough evidence of it at the worksite…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On September 15, 2017

Race discrimination is still very much alive in the workplace

You go to work day in and day out, and due to the atmosphere in your work environment, you dread it. Employees make offhanded remarks about your looks or your heritage, and your supervisors or managers do not appreciate you or feel you are worthy of advancing…

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