Workplace discrimination could affect anyone

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Posted by Legal Team On April 10, 2016

When most people think of discrimination, be it in the workplace or anywhere else in society, they typically think of non-white racial groups, females or a combination of both. Of course, while these may be the demographics that are most commonly viewed as discriminated against, anyone can be a target of discrimination. Even white males can be the targets of discrimination. It is important not to forget what discrimination actually is: treating another person differently because of a specific trait.

Employees are always encouraged to consider this idea when they feel they are being mistreated at the workplace. Consider any personality trait you possess that others in your place of work do not, and if that trait seems to be related to the treatment you receive, or if your supervisors or coworkers seem to have a prejudice against this feature, then you could be facing discrimination in the workplace.

This means that discrimination is not just the African-American who’s working in an office full of white coworkers, although such a person may be facing discrimination. Discrimination could also be the elderly man who is surrounded by much younger individuals or the pregnant woman who suffers verbal harassment or is passed over for promotion.

Obviously, just because you are the only representative of a specific demographic in an entire office does not automatically mean that you are the victim of discrimination. However, if you feel that you are being treated differently from the rest of your coworkers, then you truly may be suffering from discrimination. Thanks to California’s employee rights laws, you could take legal recourse against the party who is discriminating against you. Visit our web page to learn more about your legal rights as an employee.