Sexual harassment can occur online as well

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Posted by Legal Team On April 3, 2016

When we talk about sexual harassment in the workplace, we often discuss the issue in the context of people who are working together in the same building, perhaps even right next to one another, in face-to-face scenarios. It is in these scenarios that a person is most likely to be subjected to unwanted physical groping, advances and suggestive or lewd gestures. However, it is important to remember that not all sexual harassment occurs in person.

Even if a co-worker is never physically or verbally inappropriate at work, that does not mean that he or she could not sexually harass you through the internet. For instance, if a co-worker who works in your building sends you an email that links or shows pornographic content, this could be considered sexual harassment. This issue could also be facing the growing number of telecommuting workers in the country.

The internet has done many wonderful things in the last few years, not the least of which is allowing many employees to work from home for some or all of their job. Unfortunately, working from home does not necessarily mean that you are safe from sexual harassment. Telecommuters can also suffer from sexual harassment sent through emails, and even in conference calls or video calls. If you are discussing a project with a co-worker via webcam, that co-worker may show you pornographic material or make inappropriate gestures, and this can qualify as sexual harassment.

California has extremely strong laws regarding employee rights, and sexual harassment is no exception. If you believe that you are being sexually harassed at your place of work, even if your place of work is home, consider contacting an attorney to learn about your legal options as the victim of sexual harassment.