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Posted by 1p21.admin On November 21, 2019

What forms can pregnancy discrimination take?

When you think of “pregnancy discrimination,” you may think of those days, long ago, when companies actually forbid female employees from getting pregnant. Anyone who announced they were expecting (or started to show) was summarily dismissed from their position. Well, that’s not legal anymore but that doesn’t…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On November 14, 2019

Is natural hair discrimination affecting your career?

African Americans have long suffered from racial disparities in the workplace — not the least of which are dress codes and grooming expectations that were designed with non-blacks in mind. California (along with New York) was among the first states to take a stand against racially based…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On November 8, 2019

New California law tackles mandatory employment arbitration

Employers, if you have been using a forced arbitration clause as a condition of employment, you have some decisions to make. As of January 2020, California Assembly Bill 51 (AB 51) takes the teeth out of most of those old employment provisions. Essentially, AB 51 prohibits employers…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On November 1, 2019

Executive dysfunction disorders and reasonable accommodation

Some people just seem to have it all together. They can easily plan a project at work from start to finish, are organized, efficient and self-directed. People with executive dysfunction can only dream of doing the same. Executive functioning issues can occur on their own or as…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On October 24, 2019

Has 10 years of the ‘Me Too’ movement changed anything?

If it surprises you that the #MeToo movement is already a decade old, you probably aren’t alone. The movement — which is designed both to allow victims to show solidarity and to provoke beneficial changes in the workplace — only developed some of its biggest momenta a…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On October 18, 2019

What are the aftereffects of sexual harassment?

Have you ever heard anyone express skepticism about the damage done by workplace sexual harassment? For decades, the idea of a lecherous boss chasing a harried secretary around a desk was played for laughs — as if a little sexual harassment was just part of being an…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On October 10, 2019

What to do when wrongful termination happens to you

Getting fired is disheartening, frightening and often humiliating. It can also be grossly unfair and possibly illegal, depending on the circumstances. How do you know whether you’re a victim of a wrongful termination? Even if you were let go along with others due to a corporate merger…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On October 2, 2019

What makes an independent contractor different from an employee?

How do you know you’re an independent contractor and not an employee? (If your answer is, “Because my boss told me so,” you may want to keep reading.) The “gig economy” is very popular right now in America, partially because it allows people to work a schedule…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On September 25, 2019

Don’t let language discrimination affect your rights

Speaking Spanish in public these days can expose you to some of the nastier elements of racism. Viral videos of Latinos being insulted, harassed and threatened because they were speaking in Spanish have been flooding the internet for awhile now. It probably surprises no one that up…

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Posted by 1p21.admin On September 19, 2019

How do you cope with the emotional aspects of discrimination?

When you face racial, gender or some other form of discrimination at work, you may not be in an immediate position to react. As much as you’d like to file a complaint with Human Resources or quit, you fear that you don’t have enough evidence to support…

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