Winning a wrongful termination case can be challenging

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You just got fired from your job. Do you have any recourse for filing a case alleging wrongful termination?

You may, although those cases can be among the toughest employment law cases to win. The reason for that is that most people have what is known as “at-will” employment. That basically means that your boss can fire you for any reason — or no reason at all.

But what they cannot do is fire you for a reason that is covered under the federal and/or state anti-discrimination laws. Those who have been denied employment, demoted or fired based on those protected categories can and should take action to fight back for their right to work.

The problem can be proving that it was discrimination that led to the termination or hiring decision or demotion. That’s where the challenging part comes in. Any witness statements and other evidence you can produce or that your attorney can discover during the legal process can bolster your claims of wrongful termination.

Co-workers and supervisors may be hesitant to back up your version of events out of fear that they, too, will soon be on the streets looking for a job. They should be made aware that retaliating against you or your corroborating witnesses is also legally actionable.

We can help you seek justice after a wrongful termination. Results are never guaranteed, but we will review your case and offer a candid opinion of your chances of success prevailing in court. Working together, we will seek to uncover enough evidence to be able to definitively prove that your termination should not have occurred.