Don’t let your employer get away with violating your rights

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Posted by Legal Team On May 2, 2019

Most people only have a vague idea of what rights they have as employees. Young people, especially, often lack the experience to know when they’re being cheated or abused by an employer. However, even older workers can be taken advantage of — especially if they’re from poor socio-economic classes, immigrants who don’t speak much English or they’re afraid of losing their job and not finding another one.

Here are some of the most commonly violated employee rights:

1. Not paying overtime when it is due

Most people are due overtime if they work more than 40 hours in a week. Unless you’re exempt from the federal law that requires it, your employer can’t legally avoid paying you overtime. This includes using methods like “hour shifting” (counting anything over 40 hours in one week as part of the next week’s hours), asking you to work through unpaid lunches and demanding you work off the clock when things are busy or during clean-up.

2. Not permitting employees to discuss wages and benefits

Employees generally have the right to discuss the wages and benefits they’re receiving with one another. This helps employees can find out if they’re being treated differently based on unfair (and illegal) criteria like race or gender. However, many employers know this and actively discourage employees from doing just that in an effort to avoid paying everyone fairly.

3. Firing you for discussing working conditions on social media

You can’t unduly disparage your boss or company on social media, but you do have a right to complain about work conditions. The National Labor Relations Board has repeatedly reiterated that employee complaints on social media can be termed “protected concerted activity” designed to improve their employment conditions.

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