Gender discrimination percentages for men and women

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Posted by Legal Team On August 9, 2018

Both men and women experience gender discrimination in the workplace. However, looking at the percentages for different types of discrimination — not getting a raise based on one’s gender, for instance — show that it happens vastly more often for women than it does for men.

In one study, though some of the percentages were close to the same, women came out ahead — meaning they saw more discrimination — in every single category. The results from the Pew Research Center are as follows:

  • Any discrimination at all: Twenty-two percent of men, 42 percent of women
  • Making less money in the same job: Five percent of men, 25 percent of women
  • Being treated as if they are incompetent: Six percent of men, 23 percent of women
  • Experiencing small, repeated insults: Five percent of men, 16 percent of women
  • Not getting the same support from management: Seven percent of men, 15 percent of women
  • Getting passed over for important tasks at work: Five percent of men, 10 percent of women
  • Experiencing feelings of isolation: 6 percent of men, 9 percent of women
  • Not getting a promotion that was otherwise deserved: Five percent of men, 7 percent of women
  • Not getting a job: Four percent of men, 7 percent of women

Even these numbers can be a bit deceptive. For instance, the last example appears to be one of the closest categories, as if this happens about as often to men and women. It’s only a difference of 3 percent. However, the jump from 4 percent to 7 percent is huge in that it means women get turned down for jobs based on their gender almost twice as often as men.

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