Former counselor alleges pregnancy discrimination in lawsuit

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Posted by Legal Team On November 24, 2017

Most Californians rely on their careers for their livelihood. They pursue education to get quality jobs and often sacrifice other pursuits to excel in them. There are enough challenges to growing and keeping a career in a fair world, and sometimes the world is not fair.

The state of California protects employees and managers from several unfair office and site practices that may restrict someone’s right to work. One of the laws that make up these protections is the California Family Rights Act, which prevents discrimination against parents due to pregnancy or reasonable child care requirements.

A school counselor who was dismissed by a California school district is claiming in a new lawsuit that he was discriminated against by his former employer when his wife became pregnant with twins. He alleges that a vice principal made inappropriate comments about the pregnancy and later insulted one of his newborn children.

School leadership began looking for a replacement, according to the former counselor, who said they implied he was not working hard enough. His contract was not renewed while he was taking bonding leave as allowed by the California Family Rights Act.

The lawsuit claims lack of accommodation as well as harassment and retaliation before wrongful termination. The former counselor also claims that he was not appropriately informed of additional job opportunities.

Victims of wrongful termination and other offenses that unfairly restricted work opportunities deserve restitution for lost wages and benefits. An attorney may help find the best path forward through mediation or civil action.

Source: The Tribune News, “Former Atascadero school counselor says he was terminated because of his wife’s pregnancy,” Lindsey Holden, Nov. 19, 2017