Male former employee alleges sexual harassment

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Posted by Legal Team On September 20, 2017

Sexual harassment is a scourge in every industry that it affects, destroying trust and hobbling productivity by abusing and demoralizing employees in the workplace. The problem can be as serious as physical or sexual abuse or as commonplace as unwelcome comments from co-workers or supervisors.

A majority of reported sexual harassment cases involve male abusers affecting female victims with a hostile work environment. Women have reported inappropriate touching, explicit materials in the workplace and the denial of promotions or benefits after unacceptable behavior.

However, women can also be liable for the same behavior in the workplace. A restaurant chain is being sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging sexual harassment and retaliation at one of its California locations involving a female superior abusing a male employee.

The male former shift supervisor reported that he was subjected to verbal and physical harassment by his female general manager. She allegedly spoke extensively about her sex life and posted a scoreboard involving the sex lives of the entire staff. She also reportedly slapped and grabbed the man’s privates on several occasions.

Her comments included proposals for sex and other sexual activities that were unwelcome to the man. After he reported these violations to upper management, he was apparently locked in a freezer before he quit his position at the restaurant.

Victims of sexual harassment do not have to put up with continued bad behavior. All workers have rights to protect their dignity and physical safety, and legal counsel can help fight back again sexual harassment.

Source: Denver Business Journal, “EEOC sues Chipotle, alleging sexual harassment by a female manager in California,” Sep. 19, 2017