Fox Sports fires president for alleged sexual harassment

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Posted by Legal Team On July 6, 2017

Fox is once again at the center of a sexual harassment case. Within the last year, the company has lost a talk show host and an executive with the news department. Both men were accused of sexual harassment. Now similar charges have been leveled against the Fox Sports National president, and he’s been fired.

So far, the company has been reluctant to talk about the situation, but three unnamed sources did speak to Sports Illustrated. They said that Fox was conducting a sexual harassment investigation and decided to fire the man as a result.

One woman said that she was contacted during the investigation by the human resources department. She told them about a time when the man asked to talk with her, offering promises of more work and career advancement. She went to the meeting, and she says that he then made a move to kiss her — something she’d never before had happen while working in the sports broadcasting business.

She said she was happy with the way Fox handled the situation. The president’s legal team, though, was less than pleased. They said he’d done exemplary work and never had any sexual harassment or related issues prior to being fired. His lawyer was critical of the way Fox handled the matter.

It could take some time for all of the details to be sorted out, and this will certainly be an interesting case to watch, especially with the history of sexual harassment allegations at Fox. It helps show just how important it is for workers to know their rights in a hostile business culture.

Source: Sports Illustrated, “Fox Sports president Jamie Horowitz fired amid sexual harassment probe,” Richard Deitsch and Michael McCann, July 03, 2017