Uber executive’s role to change significantly after investigation

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Posted by Legal Team On June 16, 2017

Uber has been facing accusations of a toxic company culture and sexual harassment. An investigation was carried out to see how the company could improve. That investigation has now concluded, and it looks like big changes are coming for Uber’s chief executive officer (CEO).

First of all, he’s not going to be with the company for a certain amount of time. He has decided to take a break, putting others in charge while he keeps his distance. It still looks like the plan is for him to return at some point, but exactly how long he’ll be out is unclear.

When he does come back, the company is going to reduce the influence that he has. For instance, they’re planning to hire a chief operating officer (COO) to take on some of his tasks and work with him. The goal appears to be keeping him accountable and ensuring that he alone isn’t in charge of the company.

An independent chair is also going to be chosen when he returns. Again, the goal is to reduce his influence.

Even though he’s not being fired and will be able to retain his position within the company when he returns, it’s not going to be the same as it was with him alone at the top. He’ll have others to help balance things out and, ideally, change the company culture that helped created repeated sexual harassment allegations in the first place.

Workers who are facing a hostile work environment must remember that they have rights and legal options, even when their low positions in the company make them feel powerless. All workers have rights that must be upheld.

Source: Bloomberg, “Uber CEO to Take Leave, Have Diminished Role After Scandals,” Eric Newcomer, June 13, 2017