Document everything when facing sexual harassment

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Posted by Legal Team On April 28, 2017

Experts note that sexual harassment cases can be very tough. If you simply claim you were harassed and the other party says that you’re lying, without any evidence or proof, it can be hard to prove you were wronged — even when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were.

The key is to make sure you have evidence and records when you make the claim. Document everything. Jot down complete notes. If you can, legally get other documentation, such as pictures, videos and statements from witnesses. Make your documentation as thorough as you can.

For instance, maybe you were up for a promotion and your boss told you that you’d get it in exchange for a relationship. Your boss also said that, if you didn’t go along, you’d likely be fired.

You’re going to feel angry when you leave that office, but take a moment to write down the date, the time, exactly what was said, how you responded and who else was in the office at the time. Stick to the specifics, not vague statements.

After you take these notes, keep them safe. You may even want to have multiple copies. In today’s digital world, it’s not hard to store them on your computer, on your phone and even on a cloud server — in your personal email account, for example. Doing this also electronically dates the documents and email messages so that you can prove you were taking notes exactly when you say the events occurred.

As you move forward with such a complex and important case, you must know all of your legal options. At the same time, remember what protections you have as a worker, such as the protection from retaliation for making a claim.

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