Dealing with employer retaliation

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Posted by Legal Team On November 14, 2016

Whistleblowing is a concept familiar to all organizations regardless of size. There are mixed views about the moral rightness of this concept but it is the duty of the law to protect these employees. Organizations cannot terminate the contracts of these employees while the proceedings are in process. A person cannot be penalized for saying something he thinks is wrong or if he feels that it has an impact on the organization. Organizations however have other ways to retaliate against whistle blowers which employees need to be careful about.

Following are some of the ways in which an employer may retaliate against the employee who does whistleblowing. It can be in the form of negative discrimination of some sort, harassment and reduction in benefits of the employee. Organizations may also attempt to become a hindrance in the careers of these employees because of this. They may be given tasks that are redundant, useless or frustrating for the employees so that they get annoyed. These tasks would not help them in progressing in their career.

While the investigations are underway, other employees may also become part of the storm in facing this retaliation. They are questioned about the employee and it doesn’t matter if the accusation is correct. Employers should be very careful when handling these employees who have complained against them. They should have a neutral perspective instead of pointing out the person or react against them.

If you think your employer is retaliating against you for complaining against them, it is better that you consult an experience attorney who will guide you through the process.