Receiving unemployment compensation

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Posted by Legal Team On October 10, 2016

Growing economic problems all over the world result in companies laying off their employees to reduce costs. Budget cuts mean employees must be let go, and the ones who are left have to work harder. Employees who are fired without a particular reason might be eligible for unemployment benefits and compensation. Employees must pay a payroll tax to receive unemployment insurance (UI). The unemployment insurance fund has been created by the government to deal with these situations. The fund allows employees who have lost their jobs without any reason to receive a percentage of the previous earnings.

Being let go for a valid reason makes you ineligible to apply for unemployment benefits. Administrators contact your previous employer to discuss the circumstances that led to your termination. The employer may come up with a reason why they let you go even if it is not true. It is important to spend a certain amount of time within the organization to avail these benefits. The government allows employees to receive unemployment compensation only for six months after losing your job.

There is also a chance of receiving UI compensation after quitting you job. In some cases, employees choose to whistleblow against their employer. They may face retaliation in form of harassment, discrimination or unsafe working conditions. Quitting your job due to these reasons could result in UI benefits for you.

If you have been let go from your job without a reason, consider hiring an experienced attorney. Filing for UI compensation is complicated and an attorney might be able to help you file and fight you case in court if required.